What is the best operating systems?

A frequently-asked query:

There are so many operating systems available in the market that it’s difficult to decide which one is the best. Search the Internet for information on the following operating systems, and draw a table that compares them in terms of scalability, ease of use, reliability, and cost:

Windows 2000
Windows XP
In the table, rate each operating system on a scale of 1 to 3 (1 being the highest).

Based on the above analysis, which operating system will you recommend for the following requirements:

The finance department of XYZ Inc. has hired two trainees to work on a simple database application. Users are going to use the computer for the first time.

Smart Shoppers need to use an OS with easy to use interface and have also the capability to support dual processors.

A non-profit organization wants to host a Web site and needs a computer to host the Web site. They want a cost-effective solution for hosting the Web site.

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  1. Windows 2000 – 1
    Windows XP – 2
    Linux – 3

    Get Ubuntu. It’s free, it looks better than XP, it’s just as easy to use as XP, and it’s much much more safer than Windows will ever be.

  2. get vista, its amazing!!!!
    anyway, linux = low compatibility, so its a 3
    2000 = 2 cause its old
    xp = 1 cause everyone likes it, except i like my vista better
    also, vista is much much more secure in many ways than xp

  3. Do your own homework.

  4. Forget XP, its a dead system. Microsoft has stopped selling it. You gotta go with Vista.

  5. I’d say ,out of the choices, Vista. However, no operating system for a regular PC is the best… Mac’s OS Leopard is the best operating system, however it doesn’t work on a regular PC. If you can, I’d get Windows XP (version before Vista.) Vista is too glitchy for me.

    Hope this helped!

  6. i cant believe you ask you assigngmne tquestion here. you know in most universities and coleges they have got anew software that has been developed by the university of Northumbria that checks students work against internet, aperbased, souces.

    just be careful, its not worth it

  7. Linux all the way, get open suse (with kde), it looks great (like vista), works well and is free.

    windows 2000 is next as it never bugged me,

    xp is ok,

    And don’t (use you have to) use Vista as sit doing nothing use over 450mb of ram, and they still have not fixed most of the bugs in it,

    or you could just get a Mac as they work with near everything and looks good, work better, If i had lots more money I get an apple

  8. If you want free operating system, then I would suggest Mandriva Linux 2008. It is very easy to instal and detects most hardware automatically. It even detected my net connection when I just plugged in!!!

  9. There is no such thing as the best OS. It really depends on what you want to do with it.

    For example, Windows can’t run supercomputers(Google) or a Cisco Router with only 64mb of RAM; but Linux variants can and do but not without a great deal of customizations.

    Nvidia.com uses Windows and ASP.Net, so you can’t say that it is slow, insecure or unreliable.

    "The finance department of XYZ Inc. Users are going to use the computer for the first time."
    "Smart Shoppers need to use an OS"

    Never let first time end-users touch a business logic machine (esp a financial one). Have them use a dummy terminal, not the Server OS.

    "A non-profit organization wants to host a Web site"
    Linux, or outsource to a hosting service.

    I have used all of the following and here is how I rate them. (1 being the highest)

    Windows 2003 Enterprise 32Bit:
    Scalability: 2
    Ease of use: 1
    Reliability: 1
    Cost: 3

    Windows 2000 32Bit:
    Scalability: 3
    Ease of use: 2
    Reliability: 1
    Cost: 2

    Windows XP 32Bit:
    Scalability: 2
    Ease of use: 2
    Reliability: 2
    Cost: 1

    Ubuntu 7 32Bit:
    Scalability: 2
    Ease of use: 3
    Reliability: 2
    Cost: 0

    Ubuntu 8 64Bit:
    Scalability: 1
    Ease of use: 3
    Reliability: 2
    Cost: 0